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White Sand Travel – destination wedding challenges for me

This month I want to discuss destination weddings. I say this because I absolutely love weddings—local or abroad. I am a romantic at heart, and that’s what moved me to go into the event-planning field years later and adding travel, which makes for a well-rounded agent!

Lately I have found the challenge of assisting a bride when she is in one country and you are in another. This was not something I anticipated. There are language barriers, international calls, and learning about each country’s legalities when it comes to the marriage certificate and so on. Some destinations will not provide you with a legally binding marriage. So a little bit of homework needs to be done!

On the other hand, the Pros outweigh the Cons in so many ways:

  • Simplicity– Destinations can be so much simpler to plan and execute in that many destinations have pre-designed wedding packages, so most of the decisions are already made for the couple.
  • Affordable– Destination weddings are typically less expensive than local weddings
  • Relaxed– Having a destination wedding eliminates a great deal of stress since only a limited number of guests can attend
  • Ceremony– After the ceremony, you don’t have to travel to some far away reception site, you are already there!

The most popular and most romantic destinations for me remain the Caribbean and Mexico. However, Hawaii, Paris, Italy, and even Florida are also on my radar this month.

My clients are finding that there are so many advantages to having a destination wedding; the one that I like best is that it’s a vacation getaway for not only the bride and groom, but their guests as well. It just makes perfect sense if you love the beach, love to travel, and want to cut costs. It’s likely that some family and friends may not be able to attend, so to keep them happy many of my clients plan a less formal reception when they return for those unable to attend.

So despite the few hiccups that may come along the way, planning a destination wedding is a lot of fun!

Monique Gramby is a Romance Travel and Cruise Expert with White Sand Travel in the Atlanta market. Her passion for people and planning led to a career in helping people make their travel dreams into realities. You can learn more about White Sand Travel and Monique www.whitesandtravel.net



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