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Hot Button Marketing: Helping People is Fun

“Life is short. Meetings are dull. Selling is stressful. None of these alleged truisms have to be true at all when you add fun and games to the marketing mix.”

Hot Button Marketing by Barry Feig, page 144

“Fun and games? What’s so fun about marketing?” I can hear many of you yelling this last sentence into your computer screen. “I haven’t had any fun since I don’t remember when.”

Somewhere along the line, many travel professionals have forgotten that they chose to participate in one of the better industries available. You are not fixing flat tires, selling copy paper, or spinning pizzas. You’re not punching the time clock in a cubicle, and you’re not driving an 18-wheeler down route 95 in the middle of the night. You are working with vacations, Disney, golfers, honeymoons, cruise ships, and lovely European river towns and villages. The list goes on. What possibly could be better than that?

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Hot Button Marketing"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Hot Button Marketing”

The sooner you come to terms with the understanding that marketing is nothing more than finding interested, good, well-intentioned people to get to know you, like you, and trust you, the sooner you will be putting a little bounce back into your step.

You don’t have to get bummed out like the majority of our workforce today. Your game is different. Your game can be fun. Helping people is fun. And that is all you do from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. (9-5? I purposely cut the hours short and I shortchanged the week by two days to see if you were paying attention.)

Let me bring you back to the days when you got excited looking for Easter eggs. As a child, you knew they were out there (hiding) and you didn’t stop looking until you found your share of those brightly colored embryos. Fast-forward to today, and you should be exhibiting the same excitement. I am telling you that your next client is out there somewhere. Your job is to keep looking until you find them.

If it helps you wrap your head around the marketing task, make a game out of it. Pick a target prospect and give yourself a time limit to make the initial contact. Challenge yourself to make the introduction and to find out if this “target” represents a qualified prospect.

Marketing can be fun. Marketing needs to be fun. Marketing is fun.

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