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London, Now… NOW!

Now is the time to visit London! Due to the recent vote for Brexit, the London pound has fallen, which means the dollar will be strong in a city known for being expensive.

What does it mean when the pound loses its value? Does it make much of a difference, or are you simply saving pennies? By comparing a few of London and the UK’s attractions, you’ll be able to show your clients the potential benefits of taking that much-desired vacation to London now.

London Eye:

General Admission: £21.63

July 2015: $34

Now: $29

A Day Pass Tour of Bath, Stonehenge, and Windsor Castle:

Average cost: £87.06

July 2015: $136

Now: $117.50

Hotel in London (according to

Avg. 5-Star Room: £232

July 2015: $364.25

Now: $313

This doesn’t include food and many other day-to-day costs that do add up. For one person, the potential to save hundreds on a trip is possible due to currency fluctuation.  Even though Brexit is considered a major economic move with currently unknown positive or negative consequences, travelers can feel safe visiting London. The UK has been free of riots or destabilization based on this historic vote, and no terrorist attacks have occurred nor significant threats been noted.

Now is the time to take advantage of the recent economic changes. That ol’ economic theory of supply and demand is key here to scoring big. Online travel companies are seeing a considerable increase in demand, with stating searches for U.K. destinations are up 50% from a year ago.

Here is a sampling of a long day in London and the considerable difference a tourist would spend in July 2016 vs. July 2015:

Pounds Dollars (July 2015) Dollars (July 2016)
Breakfast £10 $15.70 $13.00
London Underground Day Pass £9.30 $14.60 $12.09
Madame Tussauds London £23.79 $37.35 $30.92
Snack (Soft Drink/Pretzel) £5.70 $8.95 $7.41
Science Museum £25 $39.25 $32.50
Lunch £10 $15.70 $13.00
Shopping £200 $314.00 $260.00
Coffee £1.50 $2.35 $1.95
Souvenirs £25 $39.25 $32.50
Dinner £10 $15.70 $13.00
2 x Tickets to a Theater Show £100 $157.00 $130.00
2 x Pints at a Pub £8 $12.56 $10.40
TOTALS: £428.29 $672.41 $556.77


*Figures based on currency rate:

  • July 2015: £1.57 : $1
  • July 2016: £1.30 : $1

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