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Straight From The Mike: Why Not?



In message five this week, I wanted to toss my two-bits into the mix.

Advertising has been enormously affected by the introduction of the Internet over the years. With much of the world going digital, print ads, direct mail, and even television advertising has been altered significantly.

With the ease of digital communication (a push of a button), the volume of information has become almost intolerable. The “noise factor” has grown exponentially and SPAM coupled to the DELETE BUTTON is the calling of the day.

But the fact remains that you have a business to sustain, and in all probability a few mouths to feed at home. It is also a fact that if potential prospects do not know you are alive, they can never chose to do business with you. Many of you have heard me say this more then ten thousand times: Your biggest issue is that not enough people know you are alive.

Therefore, it is imperative that somebody spread the word. And I am afraid, my good friends, that somebody happens to be you. You must advertise your position, your strengths, and your capabilities to solve the problems, issues, and concerns of your targeted market.

Time waits for no one. If not you… who?  If not now… when?

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