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The Little Blue Book of Advertising: Appeal to Your Prospects

“Buyers are selfish with their time, attention, and powers of memory. You need to satisfy them. You need to appeal to them with benefits that are of interest to them.”

The Little Blue Book of Advertising by Steve Lance and Jeff Woll, page 94

In a nutshell, I suppose this is the old “Features vs Benefits” discussion.

Finding out that your business is more difficult than you ever imagined often leads to looking inward by beginning to doubt your qualifications. Don’t panic. This is both a human and fully expected response.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "The Little Blue Book of Advertising"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “The Little Blue Book of Advertising”

I would like to say it again: You did not invent this realization in that every walk of life it is becoming increasingly more difficult to gain the attention of busy people. Your line of work is no exception.

I’m reminded that in order to capture the immediate attention of just about anybody, it is both wise and logical to try entering the conversation they are already having with themselves.

Trying to stop them in their tracks and start to focus on your agenda is a strategy for fools. And the readers and followers of Travel Research Online are not fools by any stretch of the imagination.

Once you find out what your prospects are thinking and what specific topics are important to them, your chances for introducing yourself and beginning the arduous relationship process will be much improved.

This leads directly to the question, “Mike, how do you do this?”

Regardless of the method chosen, all options fall under the umbrella labeled “homework”. Yes, I’m talking about market research.

In addition to Googling, interviewing acquaintances, and perusing local periodicals, one of the easiest and most direct methods is to ask your prospect if you can ask them a few pointed questions. You will be surprised how many will immediately give you permission. You may be more surprised at the answers they openly share with you.

If you want to give yourself a chance to win your prospects, you must approach them with ideas, news, and suggestions/recommendations that immediately appeal to them. Join their current thinking pattern. This falls under the category of some “Major Big League Advice.”

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