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10 tips + 10 weeks = 100 New Methods to Grow Groups–Week 10, Why Groups Are Best

If you know where you are headed, you will know when you get there. In business, that means setting a goal and having a plan to get you there. I hope you are convinced that mastering group sales is the smartest destination for your business.

In my final week of sharing top group tips, I will remind you of the tremendous benefits you may be missing:

In group boot camp I share all one hundred tips for scoring a great sponsorship. But for now, these ten will get you started on the right path:


  1. Gross sales performance (aka topline revenue) is higher. Agents producing quality groups generate more money per hour processing multiple transactions efficiently versus individually.
  1. NET sales performance (aka bottom-line profitability) is higher across the board. Agents climb commission tiers significantly faster, resulting in higher profits on groups and non-group business.
  1. Agents who have mastered group sales earn considerably more than the supplier commission. Bonus profits are the norm because they no longer sell off-the-shelf products, but high-value packages.
  1. The best group agents practice efficient selling techniques so they are never mired down in one-to-one sales. They can handle significantly more business.
  1. Group sales is simpler because the smartest agents know how to minimize choice and confusion. They have already made the toughest choices so clients have one decision: to go or not to go!
  1. Advertising and marketing costs are all but eliminated when group agents know precisely how to reach prospects. This greatly reduces the acquisition cost (so more profit falls to the bottom-line).
  1. Group masters enjoy exponential growth as groups refer groups and individuals become loyal customers as well.
  1. Negotiating power is maximized for group producers. Suppliers provide more flexibility and concessions as they vie for larger swaths of business.
  1. Group masters stand out from the crowded playing field of generic travel agents. The group niche has profound marketing benefits because it is more exciting and interesting to communicate.
  1. Increasing the quantity and quality of groups ensures their business will be ‘obsolete-proof’. While the online sellers gobble up more individual bookings, the group business will continue to be gobbled up by highly trained experts.

If you are not yet attracting higher quality groups and realizing considerably higher profits and customer loyalty, I strongly encourage you to make a fresh start. Let the transformation begin!


Come get more of the good stuff as a  boot camp member.

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Stuart Cohen is an international speaker, trainer, keynoter, health coach, solopreneur, business coach, travel fiend and the founder of resortforaday.com—the world’s largest seller of hotel day passes. His boundless passion is inspiring others to achieve higher levels of success and happiness. Audiences love his fun, refreshing and lively training workshops. Learn more about Stuart and his bootcamp at stuartlloydcohen.com.


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