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10 tips + 10 weeks = 100 New Methods to Grow Groups–Week 8, Winning ways to escort more groups

Half of all group agents lose money and time because they escort groups for free. The other half don’t escort at all. Instead, they lose money and time cleaning up the disasters that occurred because they were not present.

The pros know the importance of escorting groups. They produce higher quality groups, more satisfied clients. and bigger profits.

In group boot camp I share all one hundred tips for escorting groups that the pro’s practice daily. These ten will get you started on the right path. Effective group agents…


  1. They assess how the group will be more successful with an onsite coordinator than without. The mere size of a group does not determine the need for an escort. The level of complexity does.
  1. They set the stage immediately by describing the event with them included onsite. They position themselves as an indispensable component.
  1. They review, in fine detail, the features and benefits of how their services will play out minute by minute and avoid numerous disasters that might occur otherwise.
  1. They appeal to the group leader’s sense of relief that they will lift many burdens off their shoulders. Rather than be mired in stress and risk, the group leader can build relationships and maximize enjoyment .
  1. They never charge an extra fee for escorting. The pro’s include all costs in an inclusive package that is baked into the per person cost of the trip.
  1. They are sure to cover all travel expenses plus a fair wage for every day of work.
  1. They share testimonials of prior successes and anecdotes of how they ‘saved the day’ or ‘raised the bar’ in the past. The pros insist that their purpose is to avoid disasters, maximize success, and transform the “just OK” to “great.”
  1. They assure clients that during the event their actions will be visible yet their presence will be invisible. The objective of the onsite coordinator is to remain a step ahead and behind the scenes.
  1. They include a detailed list of services in the group agreement letter down to the finest detail including value-add services like hosting a hospitality desk to conveniently answer all questions and resolve issues for guests.
  1. Should the client say, “I am not paying for your airfare, room and meals!”, the pro answers, “You don’t. You couldn’t afford me if you paid me direct. I will be part of the high value blended package. The risk is too high not having me there!”

The ‘disappointment cost’ is always higher when agents don’t insist on escorting groups. Come get more of the good stuff as a  boot camp member.

Stuart Cohen is an international speaker, trainer, keynoter, health coach, solopreneur, business coach, travel fiend and the founder of resortforaday.com—the world’s largest seller of hotel day passes. His boundless passion is inspiring others to achieve higher levels of success and happiness. Audiences love his fun, refreshing and lively training workshops. Learn more about Stuart and his bootcamp at stuartlloydcohen.com.


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