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Give Your Clients the Most Authentic Experiences All While Giving Back with Yampu Tours

Why choose Yampu Tours when there are so many other competent travel companies that are eager to plan your itinerary?

We know the culture; we know the people.

You’ll find the Yampu Difference throughout your journey. Yampu Tours is dedicated to international travel, which departs from mainstream tourism and seeks to create personalized experiences for our clients.   We don’t like unwelcome surprises… and we’re betting that you don’t, either.

Yampu Tours includes everything you need for your journey– and we often incorporate components that you didn’t know you needed. We’re specialists with extensive experience and are alert to what you’ll need for a flawless, immersive experience. And we put your mind at ease by making sure your luggage is safe and sound at your destination, so you can blissfully hike or head to one location, while your luggage needs to be somewhere else. We’ll make sure your belongings are waiting for you.

Consultants & Coordinators

A very significant Yampu Difference: Your Personal Yampu Tour Consultant, who will be your key to an insider’s extensive grasp of handcrafted experiences. Your Personal Yampu Tour Consultant puts your mind at ease with their knowledge and execution of all travel details, including transportation, lodging, and all logistics that may not be readily apparent to the lay traveler. Yampu tours are private and authentic—no ‘cookie cutter’ experiences here!  Our tours are one hundred percent customizable to your whims and wishes.

Our Air Coordinator is your primary flight contact, utilizing extensive resources to navigate the labyrinthine world of air travel, discovering the ideal flights to match your itinerary, schedule, and budget.

Yampu maintains an entire team of operations personnel, standing behind you to ensure that everything goes according to plan—your plan.

Yampu’s Mission To Give More

Yampu Tours is always looking for opportunities to give back to the local communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. At Yampu, we believe that responsible travel is a means of not only experiencing other cultures, but supporting these destinations and sustaining their environments and communities. Yampu Tours employs only local expert guides and local personalities who are equally committed to their communities and the quality of the client’s experience. By using local guides, Yampu’s clients receive firsthand knowledge of the communities and are able to truly interact with the locals.

Yampu’s ‘Give Back’ Programs

Yampu offers several different opportunities for their clients to give back to the communities they visit in ways that are most needed in the region.

The new ‘Give Back to Peru’ program brings each Yampu Adventure Tour client to the Sacred Valley. Here clients have the unique opportunity to support the local community of Cachiccata. In Cachiccata clients are given a tree that they can plant in order to help the ongoing reforestation process in Peru. If the client does not have the ability to plant the tree on their own, a member of the Yampu team will do so for them. During their visit in Cachiccata, clients will enjoy lunch at a charming and locally operated restaurant. The money the clients spend at lunch is put directly back into the community in order to complete projects such as: the Vilcanota river cleanup, environmental education, resident training, and assisting the continued reforestation and protection process of the Qeunua relict forest.

If the client wishes to stay longer in the village, Yampu can arrange other volunteer opportunities such as working in the local organic gardens or participating in the regional education programs. Volunteer opportunities range depending on the clients interests and the needs of the community at the time of the visit. For example, clients who wish to work in a local school will be provided a list by Yampu of what the school needs specifically at that time. Clients wanting to help construct new houses will receive an individualized budget that stays within the client’s means; Yampu will arrange the logistics at that time.

Yampu clients visiting the Peruvian Amazon can arrange for visits to local schools and communities, bringing donations that are requested directly from the residents. “Things we take for granted like pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, and erasers can be a treasure for a child from an Amazon village,” says Monica Irauzqui, co-founder of Yampu Tours. “I remember once seeing a group of kids happily playing with a bicycle with only one tire. The village is a two week walk from the nearest town so a new tire is not something you just run out and get.”

All of Yampu’s volunteer efforts work to support the areas of the community that need assistance. Yampu works hard to ensure that its volunteer efforts do not diminish the community or take away any jobs from the locals.


Yampu takes great pride in our accountability. We are head-quartered in the United States, have been doing business since 1998, and have been awarded an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Yampu has been honored as recipient of the prestigious World Travel Award as South America’s Leading Tour Operator for seven consecutive years, and for the third successive year as Mexico and Central America’s Leading Tour Operator, and are members of a myriad of international travel organizations.

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