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The Pursuit of WOW!: Be a (Good) People Magnet

“My concern is creating an environment where good people want to hang around.”

The Pursuit of WOW! by Tom Peters, page 15

I’ve alluded to this point more than a number of times over the years: Try to avoid boring, whining, negative, complaining people at all costs. Don’t stop to say good-bye. Run away from them.

My rationale is simple: “Misery loves company,” and there is not a shortage of miserable people today. This is not a slur. Many people have good reasons to feel as they do, God bless them. The truth is that many, if not most, of them have fueled their own situation for reasons too numerous to mention here. In the majority of instances, they made choices and they are now living with their choices.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "The Pursuit of WOW!"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “The Pursuit of WOW!”

Let’s fast forward to you. Since you are a regular reader of this column, I must assume that you are not one of these folks. You, in all probability, are an upbeat, proactive, make-things-happen, fun and loving individual who is working their ass off to make your business work. Kudos to you my friends. Multi-kudos.

You are the kind of person others want to hang around.

I have also reminded audiences over the years that each of us is a magnet. And like a magnet, we have the dual power to either attract or repel depending on our present position.

My suggestion is to make the choices and prepare yourself so that when presented with the opportunity you will not only attract other good people into your world but will be the type of person they want to hang around with.






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