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The Pursuit of WOW!: Everyone Loves the Spotlight

“Farmer, senator, salesperson, engineer, janitor, CEO, you, me, and the kid who mows your lawn– everybody loves being recognized, in any way, large or small.”  

The Pursuit of WOW! by Tom Peters, page 29

Do you happen to know anybody, (man, woman, or child) who does not light up when applauded? I don’t.

Showing appreciation, admiration, and simple thanks is the closest thing you will ever come to the magic pill. It is a behavioral characteristic that just doesn’t fail. Everybody needs it. Everybody enjoys it. Everybody responds favorably to it. Nobody does it.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "The Pursuit of WOW!"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “The Pursuit of WOW!”

I should not say “nobody.” Perhaps I would be more accurate if I implied “not many, or not enough people do it.”

I am not talking about false accolades. When appreciation is earned, deserved and warranted it can lift people right off their feet. Showing appreciation is powerful.

The funny thing is that it is free to give and yet there still is a tendency to withhold any outward sign of gratefulness. Why is that?

Let me let you in on a little secret: Confident people are quick to show appreciation. Successful people are quick to show thanks. Emotionally intelligent people are the first to stand and applause. Did I just define you? If yes, congratulations. Keep up the good work. If not, why not? It may be time to make a change.

Today, start looking for reasons to applaud and acknowledge the positive contributions of people in your world. Then do what most people fail to do. Stand up and applaud!





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