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Travel to Cuba in Luxury with Group IST

Group IST (International Specialty Travel) creates and produces content-rich, original, thematic, educational and interactive travel programs that are tailor-made for organizations and groups. We feature one-of-a-kind land and waterborne venues around the world. As a team of tourism professionals who are recognized experts and scholars, we are passionate about our areas of specialization. Our commitment to our clients and comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the travel industry enables us to deliver programs that are designed especially for you.

When most Americans think of Cuba, they probably think of the cigars, the architecture, the music and dance and the antique cars, which are all indeed a vital part of the Cuban experience that guests will have with Group IST.  But we also go above and beyond introducing Americans to the culture and history of Cuba by giving them opportunities to interact with the stunning natural scenery and wildlife of the country outside of Havana.  Program participants get a chance to go swimming and snorkeling, visit Guanahacabibes National Park (one of the country’s largest nature reserves), the Island of Youth, and Cayo Largo, where they can visit the Sea Turtle Breeding Center and Endangered Species Protection program with local naturalists and conservationists.

Joining the program will be an on-board Cuba specialist and interpreter to facilitate in making people-to-people connections and meaningful exchanges between the American travelers and Cuban citizens. Emphasizing and promoting cultural exchange, the program includes excursions to venues such as museums, private art galleries, community centers, concerts, religious centers, and schools. Program participants will have a chance to meet and get to know Cuban historians, artists, preservationists, religious leaders, educators, musicians, and many typical Cuban citizens throughout eight days.

Our mega-yachts have access to small ports and remote locations.  Due to the small group sizes (no more than 72 passengers per sailing), we can offer passengers excellent American-style personal service.  At sea, guests enjoy all the creature comforts of living onboard a mega-yacht, such as fine dining and comfortable accommodations, while daily land excursions afford program participants a strong understanding of authentic Cuba.

Offering its Havana to Cienfuegos people-to-people program since 2014, Group IST (International Specialty Travel) has a long history of producing content-rich, original, thematic, educational, and interactive travel programs that are tailor-made for both individuals and groups.  With a staff of knowledgeable professionals who are recognized destination experts and scholars, Group IST is passionate about its areas of specialization.

What We Offer:

  • Group IST protects travel agent commissions, which start from 10%
  • Group IST has been issued a license by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control to conduct people-to-people programs in Cuba since 2014
  • Prices includes mandatory Cuban medical insurance
  • Prices includes all meals from arrival in Cuba to breakfast on day of departure
  • Guests are met by Group IST’s own team upon arrival in Cuba. Our team manages the whole program and stays with travelers until the time of departure. (This service is in addition to the services of local guides and experts).
  • The ships carry snorkeling equipment for all passengers
  • Group IST can arrange special themed programs for guests with special interests and requests
  • Havana to Cienfuegos is especially well-suited for solo travelers. Cuba enjoys a low violent crime rate and our program participants are accompanied by guides and/or Group IST staff at most times, easing safety and security concerns.
  • No packing and unpacking required

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