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Zap The Gaps!: Stop Talking

“Perhaps you need to do a better job of listening.”

Zap The Gaps! by Ken Blanchard, page 56

I really don’t know how to squeeze 300-500 words out of this one. As a matter of fact, my message today will be the shortest message of the entire year. Some things you just can’t make difficult.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Zap the Gaps!".
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Zap the Gaps!”.

I suppose I can rephrase it to make it more palatable. The ten words in today’s title can be shortened to just two. That’s it. I will take the shortcut and hit you with just two words. These two words will help launch you to the top of the sales profession.

Ready? Here they come: STOP TALKING.

“What did he say? We are sales pros and we have the gift of gab. We are paid to talk. Nobody talks better than us. When we talk our audience is on the edge of their seats taking in every word with rapt attention. That is what we do. We talk.”

You are frustrating me to the hilt. Two words of advice don’t seem to be sinking in so I will elongate today’s message to nine words.


These nine words fall under the category of a true gem of advice. Less is more. Stop talking.






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