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102 days until Christmas. Are you measuring?

There are 102* days left until Christmas. I know this number off the top of my head; and most of you either didn’t have a clue, or had no way to be sure until you pulled out a calendar and started adding up the days on your fingers. Truth?

But, I know it as a fact. There are 102 days left.

How do I know? I know because Christmas is a very special and important occasion in my wife’s yearly event schedule. She has a countdown calendar on our kitchen wall right next to the breakfast table. Every morning, Barbara religiously subtracts a single day and…. “VOILA” – we once again know how many days remain until Christmas.

What gets measured, gets done!

Once you determine what is important to you, I strongly recommend that you begin “measuring” in some form.

  • You want to lose weight—start measuring your calories or your time on the elliptical.
  • You want more sales—start measuring the number of contacts you are making on a daily basis.
  • You want to become more knowledgeable on a subject you know nothing about—start measuring the time you spend reading about it.

As we all know too well, time has a habit of passing us by. Let’s not waste any of it!

For the next 90 days, the 4th quarter, decide what is meaningful in your business life and begin to measure your progress.

I promise that if you try this simple, effective exercise that in 90 days you will be miles ahead of where you are today. Your position will be in direct relation to what is important to you!

What gets measured, gets done!

Let’s talk on December 26th!

*102 days as of publication date

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