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5 Things You’ll Never Hear Your Kids Say at a Colorado Dude Ranch

Planning a family vacation can be difficult. Parents want to have a relaxing time and share wonderful experiences with their kids, but finding a destination that appeals to kids and adults alike is harder than it seems… especially if you don’t want to drive all the way to the coast and spend hours in line at a theme park once you get there.

The best solution might be one you hadn’t considered yet: a Colorado adventure vacation at a dude and guest ranch!

Bringing your kids on a family trip to Colorado for a week – or even longer – can be just what you need to get a bit of relaxation, change your perspective, and pull everyone closer. To understand why, here are five things you’ll never hear your kids say while visiting one of Colorado’s dude ranches:

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#1 “I’m Bored”

From horseback riding to hiking trails, roping lessons, and even zip lines, there’s never a shortage of fun, action-packed activities on a working ranch. From the first minute you arrive, every member of your family will get the opportunity to try the kinds of things they’ve only seen on television. You can choose to do the activities that excite you most, or try a little bit of everything. Either way, you’ll never be bored.

#2 “There’s No Signal Out Here”

(In fact, most ranches don’t even have wireless! 😀 ) For most kids, no matter how young or old, something magical happens when they get into the open air, surrounded by mountains and horses on all sides. Suddenly, the appeal of a small glowing screen isn’t quite as strong as the exciting possibilities that are all around them.

#3 “I’m Hungry”

Even the pickiest eaters will find homemade Western meals and treats to be a delight. Also, with action-packed days of adventure on the schedule, you can be sure your kids will work up a healthy appetite. And of course, when it’s time to kick back after a long day of excitement, adults can enjoy a great selection of local beers and wines during ranch dinners at many of Colorado’s ranches.

#4 “Can I Stay Up Late?”

Your kids might beg to stay up past bedtime at home, but they aren’t likely to do so at a Colorado dude ranch. A few hours in the saddle, or exploring the back-country with their guides, will be enough to have them resting peacefully through the night. In fact, your family might just get the best sleep they’ve enjoyed in years. Shouldn’t your family vacation leave you feeling refreshed and renewed?

#5 “I Can’t Wait to Get Home”

The only difficult thing about your trip to a Colorado dude ranch might be convincing your kids to go back home. But don’t worry – you can always come back next summer!

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