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Emotional Intelligence: Becoming the Best Involves Sweat Equity

“Studies of Olympic athletes, world-class musicians, and chess grandmasters all have the ability to motivate themselves to pursue relentless training routines.”

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman, page 79

The key here as far as I am concerned is the word “motivate.” Becoming world-class at anything requires more than just a wish and a prayer. The words “training” and “practice” play important roles, as does the word “confidence”. Being the best, or even being really good, takes a focused effort. That single behavior is what differentiates the handful of greats from the watered-down rank and file.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Emotional Intelligence"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Emotional Intelligence”

Bottom Line: To be the best takes time and involves a lot of hard work.

But here is another wake-up call for you: The vast majority of those who can call themselves the best in the business do not enjoy the tedious practice sessions that come with the territory. After all, they are just like you and me, and would much prefer to take the easy way out. But they don’t. And we often do.

They somehow manage to see beyond the daily routine of practice and see the huge payout at the end of the tunnel. They manage to control the urge to throw in the towel when tings are not going right and keep on training.

In each and every case it is their handle on discipline that pushes them through the hard days and rough spots.

But you are not an Olympic athlete, and you don’t play music for a living. I am guessing that most of you are not grandmasters in the game of chess. You are mere travel professionals.

But why can’t you also become the best at what you do? The answer is “you can be,” if you find your motivation and cultivate the discipline necessary to keep you focused on the one thing that you can do better than your peers. And that is to make your clients glad for the day they met you.




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