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Stop imagining it, just do it

Last week, my domains renewed. I own probably 80 domains and typically buy them through GoDaddy. While they are not my hosting provider, they are good for domain acquisition which usually comes after a cockamamie idea in the middle of the night. Anyhow, the bill processed through my bank account and it seemed that it was very high. I explored a bit and found the issue.

With some of my parked domains, they added a “Get Your Business Found” package for $119 per domain. Well, since those domains were not businesses, and I was not interested in getting them “found,” I made a call to GoDaddy. Inside of about four minutes, it was resolved and a credit was being processed. Apparently I had missed an email for this new great product that would be added to my account.

My point is that GoDaddy is arguably mediocre. But in my eyes, their customer service is stellar. Once again this proves that today’s consumer has set the bar so low, that overcoming it is not that difficult. I will remain a cheerleader for GoDaddy because generally they are good; and when they screw up, they are great.

Comcast is another low hanging fruit. They are the largest cable company in the nation with the worst customer service. Period. However, their product is solid and the product overcomes the deficiencies in their service for most.

So there you have a company with a mediocre product and great service at the top of their game. You also have a company with a great product and horrendous service also at the top of their game! Imagine what would happen if either got both aspects correct? Do you?

With the consumer expectation so low, it does not take much to excel. As we move into the fall and many of us are starting to write our annual marketing and financial plans, why not look into your mission statement and try to incorporate the ultimate in service and product into your culture? Done right, slaying the competition should be easy.

As you select your preferred suppliers, take a hard look at the ones that support you and your clients outside the realm of commissions. And if you are simply selling whatever supplier has the product… shame on you. Our industry is based on relationships—clients have one with us and we also need to have one with the suppliers. And by “relationship” I mean something more than cashing each others’ checks.

Imagine a travel experience that begins with a client calling you on the phone, you selecting the supplier that fits your needs and the clients to a tee. Imagine collecting the deposit and securing a Chef’s Table in Paris’ top restaurant because of your supplier relationship. Imagine the client getting upgraded based on your relationship. Now, imagine a hotel fire that renders the hotel unusable while they are en-route. Imagine a supplier calling you to let you know and advising they have accommodated your client in an equal hotel nearby at no charge. Imagine the client landing and knowing the situation as soon as they turn on their phone. Imagine their trip going off without a hitch. Imagine them coming back to you lauding your mad travel skills. Imagine them retelling the story to all of their affluent friends who are now beginning to call you for their trips.

It can be done. It can be done without a tremendous effort. Focus on your key suppliers and contacts. Recognize the relationship and build it. Stop imagining—just do it!

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