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The Present: Doing No-things Assures You Will Receive Nothing

“They made mistakes like everybody else, but they were able to learn from them, let go, and move on.”

The Present by Spencer Johnson, page 52

One would think that by age 67, the vast majority of mistakes have been made and are a thing of the past; there couldn’t possibly be many left.  If only this were true!

Here is an update to the Big Two certainties in life. In addition to death and taxes, you can count on a life-long series of mistakes. The good news is that most mistakes are not life-threatening. Some are. Remain vigilant.


We all make ’em, but only some people seem to learn from them. I trust that you and me fall into the “some people” category.

There is a way to insure that you don’t make any mistakes. In fact, this little secret has been out for years, and history indicates there are thousands if not millions of travel professionals and entrepreneurs subscribing to this method. Here it is in three words: DON’T DO ANYTHING.

If the truth be known, not doing anything in and of itself is a HUGE mistake, but let’s not mince words. Do nothing and nothing happens. When nothing happens, you can’t make a mistake. Sounds logical enough. But doing nothing assures “sure-thing” #1: death…  the death of your business.

Another truth, while I am on the subject, is that life comes with its own learning curve. You can hide from it and you can delay the confrontation, but you can’t avoid it. You have a number of lessons to learn while traveling through life and most of them do not come with a single attempt. You will fail. You will fall. And you will make mistakes.

Therefore, accept this as fact, and begin to look your challenges squarely in the eye. Take your lumps and learn from them. Decide what went wrong and what needs doing to make things right. You can look at it like a game if it helps stimulate your competitive juices.

They give you multiple swings to hit a baseball. They give you multiple attempts to register a first down in football. They give you multiple attempts to serve a tennis ball, and you will have multiple attempts to grow your business.

Learn from your mistakes. Let go. And move on.

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