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The Present: When Do You Light Up a Room?

“People feel more alive when being around him. In his presence they felt better about themselves.”

The Present by Spencer Johnson, page 82

There is a common belief that people have the ability to light up a room. Some people light it up upon entering, and others light it up once they leave. Which category do you fall into?

This may come as a surprise to you, but most people have enough baggage and a plethora of sad stories of their own. They are not particularly interested in listening to your problems. In fact, they have no interest whatsoever hearing how the world has made you its doormat.

presentPeople! Get a grip. You are in a fun industry. You are the envy of most cubicle citizens. 93.7% of the population feel that you are in the catbird’s seat. 65% wish they had your job. Why then do so many travel professionals walk this earth looking like they have the weight of the world perched on their shoulders?

You have magnetic abilities. You can either repel or attract people into your world.

The jury is still out. Which “field” do emulate. Repel? Attract?

I once heard a great definition for success: “How your loved ones respond to your presence is a key indicator of how successful you are.” I love that definition.

How do people feel when you walk into a room?  If your answer is less-than-glowing, then you have some work to do.

Another workshop reminder of mine: There are three feelings people experience when they meet you for the first time. They can feel better having met you. They can feel worse having met you and they can feel neutral having met you. I strongly suggest you shoot for “better,” but not by wishing and hoping. By exhibiting the behavior that results in people feeling better in your presence you will be positioned as a welcomed visitor.


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