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White Sand Travel – Back to school blues

I have the back to school blues. While I am not returning to school, I am returning back to work and back to reality. The past few weeks have found me trekking through crowded malls, buying clothes, school supplies, back packs, paper, pens… I am sure you all know the drill. It’s quite a drain on the wallet. On the upside, my fridge will be stocked and my electricity bill will go down! Another bright side is the fact that I’ve been getting calls lately from my clients asking where to go on a quick vacation before the kids go back to school.

Most families want to schedule at least one last family getaway before classes resume. But, I tend to suggest a “fall” getaway in order for all members of the family to have something to look forward to a month or two after class begins. There are some destinations that still have great weather throughout the fall and even into winter.

As most of you know, I am a romance travel expert, but I do tend to book families from time to time. So around this time of year, I venture out from the norm of honeymoons and weddings to cater to families. And the honeymoon business is not nearly as strong this time of year. There are bills to be paid.

September and October are great bargain months because most people don’t want to travel right after school is back in session. But for those who want to take advantage of the great deals, these are the locations that I would recommend.

  • National Parks
  • Weekend Cruises
  • New York City
  • Orlando Florida

These are just a few affordable ideas that I have suggested to my clients. September and October tend to be the lowest priced for most destinations. Some families also have college bound students; so families can visit their children at school, or for upcoming college students, they can visit prospective schools.

So, while I have some personal back to school blues, I am also seeing the bright side as well as some opportunities for which my agency can capitalize upon.

Monique Gramby is a Romance Travel and Cruise Expert with White Sand Travel in the Atlanta market. Her passion for people and planning led to a career in helping people make their travel dreams into realities. You can learn more about White Sand Travel and Monique www.whitesandtravel.net



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