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Guerilla Marketing Attack: If You Want to Win More, Fail Faster

“Expect failure with many of your tests. Expect success with few. But those few will make you smile.”

Guerilla Marketing Attack by Jay Conrad Levinson, page 137

I remember when I first read that nine out of ten movies produced end up losing money. The single movie that proves profitable is more than enough to carry the losers while lining the investor’s pockets handsomely. For some, this is a tough pill to swallow.

Turning to a subject closer to home, many of your ideas, projects, groups and meetings will fall short of your initial expectations. This is no reason for you to cry foul and give up in disgust. Your very next effort could be the one that launches you and your business into the big leagues.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Guerrilla Marketing Attack"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Guerrilla Marketing Attack”

Let’s face it: Very few of us are satisfied and enamored with our success stories. I am not saying this is good or even healthy. We all tend to beat ourselves up and, unfortunately, talk negatively to ourselves. We often even compare ourselves to others and end up disappointing ourselves. In addition to being downright self destructive, this behavior is 100% totally and unequivocally unacceptable. I might even venture to call it “stupid” and “moronic.”

I can’t guarantee you much but I can guarantee that your final words will not be, “I am sorry I tried so many different things.” You might hear yourself uttering, “I am sorry I did not attempt more.”

Failure, my friends, is not a four letter word. In fact, I find myself embracing failure as it is the surest way to successful behavior I know. Nobody avoids it. Everybody experiences it.

When I returned to my high school in Millburn, New Jersey, I spoke to the senior class before they cashed in their chips. I paused long enough to get everyone’s attention before telling them in no uncertain terms: “If you want to be successful during the next 60 years or so, accelerate your failure curve. FAIL FASTER.”

I am quite certain that this group of America’s finest were never introduced to this sort of logic before. Chances are they were taught to pull every trick out of the hat to avoid failing.  I can hear them telling their parents at dinner that evening, “This guy Marchev spoke to us in health class today and he urged us to fail.” LOL

Yep. That is exactly what I told them, and that is exactly what I am telling you. There is a way to get around failure, and the sad news is that the majority of adults opt for this option. How? Don’t do anything. Don’t take any risks. Remain in your comfort zone. Do nothing. Be boring. Die with regrets.

That is not for me, and I am hoping it is not for you. Your failures will out-number your success but when you do succeed, you will find your smile to be well worth the journey.

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