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Back to Basic Selling: How Are You Doing?

“It is always good to be able to answer the question ‘how am I doing?’”

Back to Basic Selling by Robert F. Taylor, page 152

It was the New York City Mayor Ed Koch who regularly asked the question “How am I doing?” He made this a popular household phrase.

The reason why more people don’t ask this question is that they are afraid that they might get the wrong answer. This is not a good enough reason to remain in the dark since whether they hear it or not, the answer will be the same.

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Back to Basic Selling".
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Back to Basic Selling”.

Only by hearing what you need to hear can you do anything about it. This is a question that you must begin asking your clients as soon as possible. A few of the areas to investigate include: telephone manners, your customer service systems and policies, the speed in which you call clients and prospects back, the interest shown in your prospects problems and concerns, and I’m sure you can think of other areas.

There is another good time and place to ask this very same question to yourself. This involves your sales and marketing strategies and campaigns. How are you doing when it comes to daily prospecting? How are you doing at becoming more visible to those targeted prospects in your well-defined marketplace? How are you doing at motivating yourself and your employees?

The sooner you begin asking this question, the sooner you will be able to refine your program. Because you’re human you will naturally be looking for applause and confirmation that what you’re doing is yet another example of splendid work. This will be nice to hear, but it will not benefit you as far as improving your business. What you need to hear is the candid truth about areas that need improvement. Believe me, you won’t receive this input unless you actively seek it out.





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