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Water, Wine, and Whales in The Bay of Fundy with North & Leisure

The Bay of Fundy has one of the world’s most unique boasts: the world’s highest tide. But the rushing waters aren’t the only attraction bringing visitors to this southern region of New Brunswick year after year. From ancient fossils weaving a story into the cliffs to carving out a new identity as a top wine destination, the Bay of Fundy is a fun and eclectic area just waiting for you. Come and see why this humble Canadian heartland is making a big name for itself.

60-Second Geography

Bay of Fundy

Hopewell Rocks
[/media-credit] Hopewell Rocks
Saint John's, New Brunswick
[/media-credit] Saint John, New Brunswick
Joggins Fossil Cliffs
[/media-credit] Joggins Fossil Cliffs


  • Probably the most famous sight in the Bay of Fundy, the Hopewell Rocks jut out of the bay topped with various fronds of greenery. Three hours before and after low tide, the bay completely empties out, leaving the bottom of the ocean floor exposed and visitors able to walk directly on it. It’s no wonder that the bay has been award the “World’s Highest Tides” distinction; over 160 billion tons of water climbing to 52 feet high swarm into the bay at high tide, and then flood out again when the tide recedes. During low tide is the best time to get your photo opportunity with the different and unique rock formations.
  • A visual history of the Coal Age (300 million years ago), the Joggins Fossil Cliffs contains remnants of plant and animal life from so long ago. Many species found here have been found no where else on Earth, sealed away in ancient trees. In 2008 the Cliffs were given UNESCO World Heritage status, and today they are a protected and vital piece of New Brunswick’s heritage. Visitors will appreciate the passion and enthusiasm each tour guide brings to their group and they knowledge they will walk away acquiring. The grounds also contain a gift shop and a café for those looking for a souvenir or a hot fair-trade, organic coffee.
  • Thanks to its close proximity to the sea, the Bay of Fundy has a huge population of marine life for those animal lovers hoping to get a glimpse. Whale watching is becoming more and more popular in the area, with right different whale species calling the ocean near the Bay of Fundy home, and there are plenty of excursions available for those who want to get closer to these stunning creatures. Other marine wildlife includes dolphins, sharks, seals, different varieties of fish, and shellfish.
  • Near the Bay of Fundy is the largest city in New Brunswick, Saint John. This true coastal city is hale and hearty, filled with classic 19th century architecture and red-brick buildings set along the backdrop of a classic Canadian harbor. Visitors should plan on taking some time to visit the City Market, located in a stunning historic building on Germain and Charlotte streets. The market is always bustling and carries food and crafts both local and international, so you’re bound to find something worthy to bring back home.
  • The Bay of Fundy region is quickly becoming Canada’s fastest-growing wine region, thanks to its mild climate and unique soil structure. Many wineries offer tastings of their product, and the grounds of the vineyards are a perfect way to relax on a refreshing Canadian afternoon. In the nearby village of Falmouth they host the annual Harvest Wine Festival in October, a can’t miss for any wine enthusiast.

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6 night New Brunswick Bay of Fundy

Travel to charming St. Andrews by the Sea. Have lunch and walk through town on arrival and this afternoon spend time exploring gorgeous Kingsbrae Gardens.

8 night Nova Scotia Bay of Fundy

Travel to Digby, touring highlights of the South Shore en route. Stop at the iconic Peggy’s Cove, drive through beautiful Mahone Bay and spend time in UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lunenburg.

10 Night Bay of Fundy Loop

Start this morning with a visit to Grand-Pré National Historic Site. Then stop by the Tangled Garden and this afternoon enjoy a hike at Blomidon Provincial Park or if you are really looking for a challenge, take on the 10 mile hike (roundtrip) to see stunning Cape Split.

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