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Art of Travel – ciao!

As the year-end fast approaches, we’re also at that time when our team reviews what we’ve accomplished against Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and targets we’ve set for the year.  Our KPI’s and targets are focused on product development, marketing, and sales, as well as financial goals.  We know this is part of our monthly, quarterly, and year-end routine.

What I’ve also taken as routine for myself this year is the privilege to share my experiences through the Travel Agent Diaries.Although this might be routine and part of my almost-monthly calendar, as I was reviewing all the diaries I’ve written over the course of this year, I’ve realized how diverse the topics were, and they were never really quite routine topically.   As I was writing experiences as they came without following any specific theme, it just proved to me how our travel business constantly changes.

For example, we usually anticipate a set order for certain aspects of our business, like seasonal demand for certain destinations.  Sometimes, though, demand changes and it doesn’t quite happen as we expect.  This year for us, there was Brussels, which changed demand for travel to Europe when it happened, and then there was Brexit!

I’ve learned that to be good at this business, we have to constantly adapt and react quickly to changing consumer demands, and also anticipate them.  Even channels of distribution may change.  And while the channels of distribution may also change, one thing I also realized is the fact that travel agents will always be needed.  For as long as consumers need human expertise, especially for advice in dealing with complicated itineraries or luxury travel where personal care is important, or groups and incentive travel where support is needed from A-Z, we the travel agent will always be relevant.

Of course, there will always be those who will prefer the use of technology over human interaction and the need for personal advice.  And if we come across such customers, I just know now that this isn’t where we should focus our energy, but instead we give our best and share our passion with those who we know really need us.

With this said, if you ever require any help for you and your customers with providing fixed or tailor-made packages and special experiences for Central & Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, drop me an email at  Either way, I’m also just as happy hearing from you to chat or just to share valuable experiences.  I believe there’s always something we can learn from each other.

And as I bid farewell from this year’s Travel Agent Diaries, I’d like to also send Christmas and New Year’s greetings from all of us at Art Of Travel’s Czech & Thailand offices.  Thank you TRO for entrusting me with this privilege to share in this column.

Vincent Soriano is the Founder & Managing Director of Art Of Travel.  Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Art Of Travel specializes in delivering travel experiences throughout Central & Eastern Europe.  And with its strong affinity to Asia, Travel Agent partners and customers also rely on their expert knowledge of Philippines, Thailand, and the rest of Southeast & North Asia.  To know more, visit  Vincent can be reached at    

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