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Speak Like A CEO: With Experience Comes Confidence

“Comfort goes hand in hand with confidence and leadership. Even in a new situation, put other people at ease and you will come across like a leader.”

Speak Like A CEO by Suzanne Bates, page 41

Today’s message follows yesterday’s reminder like a hand in glove. First comes mistakes, and then comes experience. And like it was scripted, confidence follows experience. How cool is that?

Your job in your travel business is to know your business. The unwritten understanding is that you have been there and done that, and very little has the ability to confuse you or knock you off stride. You are a professional.

Let me share a quick vignette with you:

Click on the book to grab your own copy of "Speak Like A CEO"
Click on the book to grab your own copy of “Speak Like A CEO”

I travel a lot on airplanes, and I feel I have experienced just about every bump, air bubble, or wind shear known to man since the Wright Brothers called the tower for clearance to land their air machine. Every once in a while, however, I am introduced to a new, unsuspecting jostling that manages to stop my reading in mid-sentence and take pause to evaluate the situation.

My attention immediately shifts to the flight attendant.  I want to check whether she is exhibiting a strange behavior change. Since, in all probability, she has experienced more bouncing fuselages than I have, I want to rate her reaction on a scale from 1-10. If she looks cool with it, I would be cool with it.

If by chance I spotted her running toward the emergency slide with her Rosary Beads in hand I would dog-ear my page, tighten my belt and assume the brace position. If she continued to splash coke on the couple sitting in row 32 D & E, I would resume my reading.

In other words, I take my cues from those more experienced than me in any given situation. As long as they appear to have things under control, I continue to wish and pray that I win the lottery on the coming Friday. But if they look a tad stressed, that is my key to double my Valium dosage at the first possible opportunity.

With experience comes confidence. And in our changing, challenging, competitive, marketing-oriented world, what consumers are looking for (and are in need of more than ever before) is to work with a confident, experienced, in-control professionals. I can only hope that is you.


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