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Tier One Travel – a Canadian agent signing off

Every Tuesday for years, I’ve always enjoyed reading about the trials and tribulations in the Travel Agent Diaries. A year ago, I went back and forth, wondering if I could do it. Sometimes you just have to have a leap of faith and jump in with both feet – I’m so glad I did it! The process made me think… monthly, about how to improve my business.

I hope the glimpses into my world have given you things to think about in relationship to your business, and the realization that although we may focus on different aspects of the industry, we all can learn from each other—newbies or the agents who have been selling travel for decades.

The past year I’ve had to look at what I’ve been doing each month so I have something to write about. It makes you pause and assess in areas I haven’t before – I’ve liked this and will continue to reflect.

I look forward to continue following the Diaries of fellow agents. Happy Holidays and much success in the New Year!

Melanie Hersom is an independent consultant with Tier One Travel in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She believes in providing Personalized Vacations and Exotic Adventures. Melanie loves spending time with her granddaughters. “I don’t want to go anywhere twice until I’ve been everywhere once.”

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