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Explore China at an Incredible Value with Stunning China

Stunning China is a tour operator based in Rowland Heights, California. The company was founded by Peter Wen, who was born and raised in China. Peter received his Master’s degree in Economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology at Atlanta, Georgia. During his years in the travel industry, he has worked closely with U.S. travel agents, igniting his passion to introduce his native China to more agents and their clients. Stunning China specializes in land tours and all-inclusive packages in China. Besides tours to the major sights such at Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou, Stunning China also operates customized and private, off-the-beaten-path tours.

Stunning China is unique for offering year-round FAM tours to China. “You are never really ready to sell a destination until you have been there,” says Peter. Also, Stunning China only hires people born and raised in China and received U.S. education. Peter believe these employees have both the exceptional knowledge of the destinations and the communication skills required for working with American travel agents. What makes the company even more unique is that agents are allowed to bring clients on FAM trips, earning commissions on their travel at the same time.

With years of experience in the travel industry, Stunning China stands out for its fantastic value. The 9-day Best of China FAM starts at a mere $299 for travel agents, taking agents to some of the top destinations in the country, many on China’s famous high-speed train. Stunning China works closely with major airlines such as Air China and China Eastern, therefore granting them the ability to book international air at special rates. For the 9-day Best of China FAM, the air-inclusive price starts at $899 for Los Angeles departures (NYC and other gateways will be slightly higher).

Our Principles:

1. Their main focus is U.S. travel agents who are dedicated to providing the best China packages for their clients.
2. For travel agents, China can seem so far and unreachable, and a large number of U.S. travel agents have yet to visit. Stunning China makes it easy for you by providing high-quality tours at affordable prices.
3. According to their customers, they provide incredible value in the marketplace: “After we returned from the trip, I waited for the phone call from Risheng Tours to say they mistakenly offered me a $5,000+ package while I only paid $1,500…”
4. Providing familiarization trips for travel agents year-round, AND agents are welcome to bring their clients along!
3. Stunning China helps travel agents put their clients’ minds at ease with custom airlines and flight bookings according to their preferences,  international 4 and 5 star hotels, newer, comfortable tour buses, and top-notch English speaking guides.

For more information on Stunning China, please visit them online at www.stunningchina.com.

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