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Introduction to Mike’s Morning Missives

2017 is going to be the best year of our business careers.  Not because I say so, but because you are going to make it happen.

My name is Mike Marchev, and I am kicking off year three of my Travel Research Online daily column. The first year was filled with individual articles dealing with various sales and marketing topics. Year two featured what I termed “Underlines”, where I commented on individual passages I highlighted in the business books I have read over the years. This year I am planning to mix, match, record, recommend, and share all sorts of motivating information designed to both train and entertain. It should prove to be a fun column.


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I am going to let my sales and marketing experiences flow freely. When I think of something that I feel will help you get through the day, I will share it with you. Some days I will have an article waiting for you. Other days will feature a passage from a book I am reading. I will toss in an audio link now and then of a sound bite, while other days I will link to an instructional video.

Every day I will have something new waiting for you. But every message will have you in mind: I want to share information that you can use immediately for the betterment of your business. This year’s column will be all about you, albeit in various media formats. It should be fun. It will be fun. It will be both useful and meaningful.

My hope is that you will begin each day linking to my column to jump-start your day with a fresh outlook on how you can grow a successful travel business.

Tomorrow will officially start the year rolling. I will be waiting for you.

Mike MarchevMike presents a business-building webinar on the third Thursday of every month sponsored by AmaWaterways. To receive a complimentary invitation send Mike an email with the phrase “AmaWaterways” in the Subject Box. You will also receive a link to the recorded version.

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