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I am writing this article from a balcony cabin veranda, 10 floors above a blue-green sandy ocean bottom a quarter mile off the Cozumel coast.

I mention this not to make you jealous but to remind you that you are in a pretty good business and you too could be writing your next blog post or newsletter from this vantage point.

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But why is “proactivity” today’s headline?

It was the take home message of an audio clip I aired this morning, and the word hit me right in the forehead.  Contrary to what you may believe, you are not the best thing that happened to this world since a guy named Wheels Davis decided to stick a few on the bottom of suitcases. To this day, the fulcrum, the wheel, and peanut butter top my all-time hit parade as really cool stuff to have.

Today’s audio clip reminded us that travel agents grow on trees and the services they provide are pretty much all the same. At the very least they are all promoted the same, sound the same, and are interpreted the same by the listener. But I know and you know that you are not all the same (Good for us!).

What will clearly highlight your difference is what you do before, while, and after you have been asked to do something. Waiting for instructions is a bad idea in a competitive market.

I want you to have more brainstorming sessions. Stop justifying your ideas and begin trying new things to see for yourself if they will strike a chord with your audience or not.

Proactivity implies that you take initiative and venture out into the unknown with an inquisitive aura surrounding you. Stop guessing and start finding out.

For the next twelve months, I want you to start making your own future happen. Stop wondering what happened and stop watching things happen.

Proactivity is such a great word. It caught my attention. Now let it catch yours.

Note: If you would like to listen to the audio clip that prompted this Proactivity thing, drop me an email at and write “proactivity” in the subject box.

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