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Targeting Your Next Customer

Targeting your market is perhaps the most logical way to grow your business. Although it makes all the sense in the world, it’s remains an elusive strategy for most small business entrepreneurs.

It is more than obvious that one way to grow one’s business is to go out and find more customers. That may be true enough, but all your good intentions will be thwarted if the task is not defined tightly enough. Just “more customers” is not good enough.

You do not go out and find a husband or wife by accepting the first one that comes along. Nor does one build a business by simply going out and finding a bunch of  “new clients.” Your success will be expedited once you spend ample time and energy focusing on a specific target while deciding exactly who you want to do business with.

To explain how target marketing works, I want you to picture a dartboard. A dartboard clearly provides the direction to aim at before tossing your darts. In my example, the board represents your prospect while the dart can be thought of as a marketing tactic.

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After each toss, you also know the errors of your ways. The first dart may land high above the bull’s-eye. After making appropriate adjustments your second dart lands low and to the right. You again analyze the results before preparing the angle and corrected direction of your third dart. Eventually you find yourself zeroing in on the target while scoring a direct hit. BULLSEYE.

As far-fetched as my dartboard example may appear, this is exactly how you grow an initial idea into a profitable business. By paying attention to the result stemming from your efforts, you will know exactly what needs tweaking before landing your next account.

There’s no question that a handful of business opportunities arrive at your doorstep without much effort on your part. I suggest you accept this “gift” as you would manna from heaven before getting back to the business of deciding whom your next account looks, sounds, and feels like.

Once you clearly define whom you want to do business with, it becomes a simple exercise of persistence and tenacity before your next account is added to your satisfied customer list.

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