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What’s Your USP?

A company’s USP is its Unique Selling Point – something that makes it different from all other companies of its type. Is there something about your business that is so unique that customers would do business with you based on that one quality alone? If so, you have located your USP and are on the way to better understanding how to build a smart marketing campaign based on that uniqueness.

shutterstock_324579458Fortunately, most travel agencies do indeed have a very valuable asset that distinguishes them from all other retail travel companies or online travel agencies – people. Your travel agency’s human resources are not duplicated anywhere else. Somewhere in your personnel, whether you are a 500 person agency or a one person home-based business, is very likely your Unique Selling Point.

I have often written on the importance of Blue Ocean Strategy. Your uniqueness informs your company’s ability to chart new marketing territory.  If you want to leave the competition behind, you have to quit doing things exactly like everyone else.

Sit down and list the things that make you, as a travel consultant, unique. Is it your passion for helping others travel? Is it the number of years you have been in the business? Is it the destinations you have visited? Is it your outgoing personality? What about your destination specialist training? Perhaps your unique insight into a particular niche market qualifies as a Unique Selling Point.

Once you have determined your USP, distill it down into a few coherent sentences. Continue to work on your USP until you can reduce it to a tag line. Now integrate your USP into all of your marketing collateral – make it a central focal point of your brand.

Once you find your USP, hold it out for the world to see and you will have fashioned for yourself a unique positioning in your client’s eyes.

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