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American Queen Steamboat Company and its Uniquely American River Cruises™

It’s a Mark Twain kind of thing: cruising the Mississippi and inland waterways of the United States by steamboat. For those travel clients who want to experience both the nostalgia and the amazing sensation of steamboat travel, American Queen Steamboat Company provides the opportunity. In July, 2017, AQSC introduces the new 166 passenger all-suite American Duchess to its fleet with the very special addition of two-story Loft Suites. Guests on these cruises journey at a leisurely and romantic pace as the intimate surroundings of the vessels imparts a very special ambiance to the river voyage.

Screenshot 2017-02-13 13.15.47The welcome appearance of each of the company’s vessels is richly complemented by a culture of gracious service, elegant decor, rousing entertainment, and rewarding enrichment experiences. All of this is accentuated with pre-cruise deluxe hotel stays, remarkable shore excursions included in every port of call, and a wealth of complimentary onboard amenities.

Spring of 2014 marked the expansion of this elegant and intimate style of travel to the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest. The soaring mountains, dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife, and frontier spirit of the fascinating West are the perfect complements to the cultural history, quiet towns, and genteel character of our voyages on the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland Rivers. Just as the American Queen embodies the Heartland and legacy of Mark Twain, the American Empress was exclusively designed to celebrate the rich tradition of exploration in the West.

Nature’s beauty and the historical tapestry that blankets this land have been in the making for countless generations. Regardless of which riverboat captures your imagination and regardless of which region wins your heart, a vacation aboard the American Queen or the American Empress is one unlike any other. Each voyage offers unique perspectives on America’s history, culture, and landscape that you can’t get anywhere else: up-close, in-depth, and unforgettable. Step aboard and delight in the luxurious modern amenities, gracious service, and endless authentic experiences that are synonymous with American Queen Steamboat Company river cruising.

For travel agents, the company’s Agent Portal provides everything you need to market steamboat voyages to your clients. Webinars, cruise schedules, sales support, marketing materials, and promotional materials are all at your fingertips.

Welcome aboard!

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