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Persistence Pays Dividends

Although there may not be any “Do-Overs” or “Mulligans” in business these days, there is certainly a time and rationale for “Try-Agains.” Let me explain.

I recently sent out a blast email promoting one of my books. In this case I was featuring my How To Capture More Profitable River Cruise Business.  What better time to start planning for a brighter future than right now?

I wrote a sales letter and hit the button, which sent my words out into Internet Land. As expected… the orders began to come in almost immediately. (It is funny how when you ask somebody to buy something he or she actually buys something! I am talking to you, sales pro. “Ask” and see what happens. You may surprise yourself.)

You can call it “closing,” I prefer to refer to it as “asking.” In any event, in my case the mission was successful.

The following day, (and here is today’s message) I sent the exact same email out to the exact same list. (The nerve of me.)

Some might have thought me pushy. You might consider me obnoxious. A few may even interpret my behavior as being overly aggressive. No. No. And no.

When I hit the button on day two, experience and intelligence told me that I should expect a full 50% of the number of orders I received on day 1. This is sound marketing intelligence. It is simply known as “repetition.” And repetition, my friends, is not a four letter word. Far from it.

In my case however, the 50% expectation did not happen.

What did happen was that I received MORE orders on day two than I received on day one.  Fancy that?

This proves that repetition is not a bad thing in and of itself. People are inundated with incoming communication attempts today and in order for you to get through the noise in many instances, you might have to take a couple of swings.

The people who become physically and visibly upset with your tenaciousness can be considered as the price of doing business. Sorry, good reader; regardless of how cool you are, you can’t be all things to all people. Some good citizens out there in your area are not going to “buy your act” regardless of what you do, say, promise or suggest. They will want nothing to do with you. (Their loss.)  The faster some people opt off your list, the quicker you should be thanking them for the courtesy.

Repetition. Persistence. Diligence. These are the words that are going to see you through to the finish line.

And for you procrastinators out there, here is another chance to place a vote for you and your future.

My How To Capture More Profitable River Cruise Business is an easy to understand strategy that will point you toward a bunch of new business coupled to a very attractive commission schedule. River Cruises Are Profitable. It works for others and it will work for you. Many agents have already purchased this timely information, You’re next.

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