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The Big Three: Trust – Knowledge – Caring

When people meet you for the first time, there are three questions they will be asking themselves … and they all concern you and your future relationship. They may not physically ask you these questions, but they will be thinking of them.
They’re going to look at you and silently ask themselves:

  1. “Can I trust this person?” That’s the first question that’s going to cross their mind, “Can I trust this person?”
  2. The second question is, “Does this person know what he/she is talking about?”
  3. The third question they will ask themselves is “Do they care about me?”

If you give some thought to these three questions you can furnish the appropriate answers.

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We all know that trust takes time, but we also know that if someone doesn’t look you in the eye it is a sign leading to mistrust. So at the very least, when you talk to people look them in the eye. Make it a point of doing this. Hold eye contact.

Do they know what they’re talking about? Don’t take a chance by guessing and being wrong. Don’t think in front of strangers. If you know the answer, share the truth as you know it. If you don’t know the answer, tell them you will find the answer and get back to them. If you are wrong just once, the relationship will immediately and permanently turn sour.

Do they care about me? Get out of you and into them. Ask them about their vacations, about their family, about their pets. Get out of your world and into their world, and they will soon feel that you care about them … which you do, right? Here is a reminder that will serve you well: To be interesting you first must become interested.

Three questions:
Can I trust you? Do you know what you’re talking about? Do you care about me?

Spend a little time supplying appropriate answers to these three questions and you will soon become the leader of the pack.

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