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The Logic Behind The Follow Up Email

The reminder came to me yesterday. Allow me to explain.

I was talking in length with a good friend of mine on my monthly phone call within to catch up, solve the world’s problems and in short, tell each other how smart we both are. (Hey! We all need applause, even if we have to give it to ourselves.)

During our chat he was interrupted by an incoming call and he asked me if he could take the call if only to tell the caller he would return the call later. Of course I suggested that he do so at once before he lost the opportunity. (Incoming calls are all potentially important. Treat them as such but not at the expense of the current communication.)

In a short ten seconds he returned, and I soon said something that reminded my friend of a website he wanted to share with me. He offered to send me the link as soon as we hung up.
Click Here!


Before hanging up I reminded him to call his other incoming call. That is when he said, “Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me. I completely forgot.”

Four hours later I sent him an email telling him that I never did receive the url link he wanted to send. Again I heard, “My bad! I will send it right away.”

These two examples are not intended to paint my friend as a doofus or an empty bag of wind. Far from it. He is human being just like you and me. (Well-intentioned, successful and smart as a whip with a sense of humor to die for.) There is just so much going on in our heads these days that we can’t manage it all without some small detail slipping through the cracks now and then. We all need reminders.

And that, my friends, is the point of today’s message.

Do not hesitate to send follow up emails, make follow up phone calls or follow up text messages to people who owe you a reply of some kind. You are not being a nuisance. You are helping them manage an otherwise stressful existence. You are doing them a favor.

NOTE: But, be careful to word your follow-up communication so as it can’t be interpreted as sounding like:

“Hey moron! How many times do I have to ask you to send the friggin url? I have much better things to do than play your nursemaid.”

You get my point.

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