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5 Ways to Deal with Stress

Sooner or later you are going to find yourself in stressful situations while plying your trade as a travel professional. Stress seems to come with the territory and although there are ways to minimize it, I don’t believe you can avoid it all together.

I think the best advice when it comes to dealing with stress is to stop pretending the world works differently than it does. &*&% happens and it will happen to you. If you lull yourself into thinking that you are “stress-proof” then you are in for some rough sledding. But once you recognize the fact that you will indeed become uncomfortable at times you can continue to operate without falling to pieces.

Here are five ways to combat the inevitable:

1. Seize control in small ways. Take time to install order wherever you are. Straighten up your desk. Clean out your Rolodex. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. It is amazing how a tidy environment helps to keep you in control and feeling better about yourself.

2. Practice positive thinking. It may sound self-serving and it is. It pays to remind yourself of your successes frequently. Rehearse a few uplifting sound bites such as, ”I’m good at what I do because I consistently go above and beyond what is expected of me.” Repeat these reminders to yourself to prevent drowning in negative self-talk. The sad truth is that we talk to ourselves all day long, and most of what we tell our self is counter-productive.

3. Stop worrying. Whenever you begin to fret about hypothetical situations and “what if” scenarios, give yourself a simple test: rank the events that are bothering you in order of severity and assess their probability of happening. Review the list a month later for a reality check. Soon you will see these worries for what they really are– imaginary. 

4. Prioritize. You can’t do it all. Don’t try. Make a list and title it WHAT’S IMPORTANT NOW. The acronym is WIN. If you want to win stop devoting time on tasks that are not contributing to your goals and objectives. If you must, delegate faster. Drop those tasks that are really just busy work. Focus on doing what is important now.

5. Pamper yourself. Stress can result in serious health problems. Learn what relaxes you– whether it’s dancing, movies, reading trashy novels, and make time for it. Celebrate your accomplishments and remind yourself that tomorrow is another day.


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