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A 52-Degree Gap Wedge

Whether you play golf or not, I think today’s message will ring true with most of you.

Let me begin by saying to non-golfers who read my columns that most people who call themselves “golfers” really are just saying that they own a set of golf clubs. The sad truth is that only 5% of people who “play” golf don’t cheat break the score of 100… fairly. (Come on you sand-baggers! You know I’m right. No gim-ees and hit em where they lie. Count them all. No mulligans.)

Today’s story.

For the life of me I can’t seem to hit my 58-degree wedge with any degree of consistency. Every time I find myself inside of 45 yards I “challenge” myself to master the old 58 and every time I have to catch myself from tossing the stick into the nearest tree. It never does what I want it to do and what it was designed to do. Never! Ever.

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A friend of mine has urged me time and again to permanently retire the club … to throw it away. He thinks I would be better off using 52-Degree Gap Wedge. I recently capitulated, and headed for the PGA Super Store.

I approached the previously used bin and selected a few wedges that that met my 52 degree requirements. I decided on one and sought the nearest salesman to see if I could trade my 58 for their 52.

Lawrence was the salesman’s name and he immediately answered my question with one of his own. He asked me why I was interested in taking the 58 out of my bag and replacing it with a 52. I answered to the best of my ability, but what I netted the whole thing out when I said I hated the 58 and it wasn’t working for me. He continued to ask my more questions before inviting me over to the hitting cage.

That’s when he slowly and clearly explained to me that my 58 was perfectly sound. It was I who just did not know how to use it. My stance was wrong. My weight distribution was wrong. My “wrist hinge” was wrong and my follow through was wrong. In ten short minutes he offered an obvious and realistic solution to my problem and we both agreed to slide the 58 back into my bag.

I asked him if he gave formal lessons and found that he did not. I would have signed up for a series of lessons in an instant. His bedside mannerisms were excellent and he took the time to explain to me where the real problem was. In very short order he positioned himself as the consummate sales professional, without trying to sell me anything.

We did exchange cell phone numbers and agreed to play a game together in the near future. It is too soon to tell, but I feel I found a true friend.

The lesson here was obvious to me. He gave me good, honest information concerning a topic I was interested in. He did not try to “sell” me a new wedge before analyzing the current situation. I was eager to make a purchase, but he refused to follow my lead until he knew it was the proper move … for me.

In short order, I met him, came to like him, and based on his knowledge and delivery style, soon trust his input.

This was another example of how professional salesmanship works. I bought the 52 Gap Wedge along with two-dozen balls. Perhaps one of the eight mental buying triggers came into play here: Reciprocity.

If I was a betting man, I would bet that sooner rather than later we will be playing a round of golf together.

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