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A Man They Call Mynders

I was introduced to Mynders (that is his given name) a few weeks back while visiting my sister in Stuart, Florida. A transplant from Colorado, he and his wife moved to Florida and soon sold their Internet company. That was the sound bite that caught my attention. I knew this man had much to teach me and I was going to pursue a future “sit-down “ with Mynders.

Taking him up on his invitation to do so, I phoned him and was able to carry out a few hours on a Friday to see what I could learn. I drove the 60 miles in anticipation of a great meeting.

I was not disappointed. In fact, I was caught by surprise when I left and saw we had talked for nearly three hours on a topic dear and near to both of us.
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I asked questions and then listened to every piece of advice that followed. I found myself wanting to “share” but I quickly reminded myself that the mission was to listen, learn and connect with the information. I already knew what I knew. I wanted to know what Mynders knew.

And here is what I learned.

#1. I knew a lot already.

#2. I was reminded that I was not doing all that I could be doing.

#3. I was given two suggestions that I instantly internalized and felt could significantly add to my business.

#4. I found my energies being refreshed as I was spending time with an upbeat, proactive, fun and humble entrepreneur.

What more did I expect? Nothing.

In driving home I felt that I had just hit a homerun. Now, only time will tell along with my actually “doing” something with my new information. Learning is one thing. Connecting with the message is another. Doing something with your new information is where the rubber meets the road.

But what does this all have to do with you? I think … just about everything.

Let me ask you a few questions;

#1. Are you seeking opportunities to spend time with other highly motivated, creative people?

#2. Are you willing to make the drive? Go out of your way? Make an effort?

#3. Are you eager to listen rather than “talk?”

#4. Are you a “student” of your profession?

#5. Are you willing to try new ideas?

#6. Are you self-confident enough to realize that you could use a little work in one or more areas of your business?

I have a Masters Degree in Business coupled with over 40 years of experience and I average reading a business book each month while finding time to write about my profession daily. And, I can’t get enough of it.

How about you? How are you doing?

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