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Finding Your “Groove”

Many Americans seem to have been stricken with the disease “quit-itis.” They quit everything too soon. It is almost an epidemic. From marriages to diets. From jobs to exercise programs. The malady is even more acute in the sales profession.

It is time that you “Become The Exception” to this sad statistic.  You can become among the elite of the sales world who know how to keep a prospect and convert that prospect to a loyal client. Learning how doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can be a wonderful adventure.

After a prospect first rejects a proposal, fifty percent of sales people stop calling.  An additional twenty-five percent “pack up their tent” after a second rejection.  The lion’s share of successful sales transactions happen after the fifth attempt. This supports the belief that trust takes time.

Is this bad news? For the quitters it is.  But for salespeople schooled in the art of selling these percentages equate to some exciting news. Why? Because seventy-five percent of your competition is quitting long before it is time to quit.  You know this and they do not. All you need to do is figure out how to stay in the game through those five initial blows to your ego.

You will soon be creating a systematic, consistent, persistent, do-able program … a program that is realistic and one you can stick with. You are going to groove into your swing a sequence of events that will ensure that you establish a relationship with prospective clients and grow your business.

Above, the word “groove” was not written by accident. It was borrowed from the Professional Golfer’s Association and is often recited on television any given Sunday afternoon. Golf, being the most difficult game known to mankind, involves a billion body parts needing to be synchronized into one beautiful and effortlessly coordinated motion designed to make contact with a small object resting motionless at the end of a lever. Most people can manage this task once or perhaps once in every 80 or so tries; the secret to capturing the motion so it can be repeated time and time again. Hence, getting into the “groove.”

And so it is with your travel business. Your challenge is to master numerous business activities with skill and consistency so you fall into the groove resulting in new business and more clients, resulting in profitable business relationships.

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