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Hard Facts of Business Life

Many if not most wanna-be business practitioners fail to realize right from the beginning that their success will have more to do with their marketing skills than their mechanical acumen. Their enthusiasm may be in top shape and their intentions all solid enough. But it takes more. It takes a complete understanding that if potential customers do not know you exist, you have little chance to succeed.

Here are three hard facts of business life you need to internalize … now.

1. Your marketing savvy is of utmost importance. No matter how much of yourself you put into your service, no matter how terrific you think your employees are, if you are not marketing your agency properly you’re not going to be successful.

You must view your service as a product and distance yourself from it as much as possible in order to evaluate it objectively and determine its suitability to your targeted buyers.

2. Your travel service is not going to please all people all the time nor should it. This is what I call the mental toughness factor. For those times when people imply that you should take up a different type of work, you must fall back on your inner strength. Importance of a firm faith in yourself, your talent, your sincerity in your work can’t be overestimated. Balance this interface with rational thought. Identify critical points in the negative response and waive their validity. Certainly, negativity hurts; feel the hurt but then move beyond it. Learn from constructive advice, affirm your faith in yourself, and plan for the next opportunity to market your services.

3. There probably will not be one sale that is going to make it for you. Thinking if you can just sell to this or that client that it will put you on easy street, is a waste of your time and energy. It’s very unlikely. Your career will be built on a series of sales, each adding to your reputation and pocketbook. If you successfully sign a new account and ensure their immediate and ongoing satisfaction, only then do I want you to begin to cultivate your next opportunity.


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