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Is 2017 the comeback year for Mediterranean Cruises?

There is nothing like traveling through the Mediterranean. I have been there countless times, often stopping in the same villages, yet I have never tired of them. There is a romance to the whole area that particularly blankets Italy, France and Spain where I find comfort when I return and see a city as I left it, and yet there is always something new.

Med cruises tanked in 2016

Last year the Mediterranean was hit hard by many factors that affected tourism. We will never really know how people make their decisions but election years are always tough and it was also a restless time for many countries.

Groups have rebounded. How about the FIT’s?

But now, in 2017, we have seen an uptick in Med group bookings. Cruises are filling up nicely and our group department is booming. There is great excitement and energy in the office in regard to our Mediterranean groups.

But what about the FIT’s? – the 2’s and the 4’s who are cruising the Mediterranean for the first time and who want to have a premier experience but don’t have the means to hire a private guide and vehicle.   For them, we have a solution.

ShoreTrips Premium Shared Van Tours

When the choice is between a 50-passenger cruise line bus tour and an 8-passenger ShoreTrips van, there’s no choice at all! Your cruisers will enjoy the best of each European port – traveling in style in a luxurious Mercedes van, escorted by some of the best guides in Europe.

The cost to your travelers for a seat in one of our vans is equal to a seat in one of the cruise lines’ big tour buses. The image of chatting with just a few people as you gaze out of the van windows is so much more pleasant when compared to passengers sitting on big buses waiting for the inevitable person who got lost in some gift shop.

You’ll find our Premium Shared Van Tours throughout the Mediterranean (and in the Baltic). Here’s a list.

Multi-Port Packages save cruisers money

To make this a simple process for you, we have combined the major Med ports into a package.

These are our most interesting excursions in the Mediterranean. Click the photograph to learn more.
These are our most interesting excursions in the Mediterranean. Click the photograph to learn more.

This 3 port package includes one excursion in the French Riviera plus an excursion in Civitavecchia (Rome) and in Naples.  The price for all three excursions is a reasonable $584.  Remember, each tour is conducted in a Mercedes 8 passenger van.  Near luxury at a bargain price.

This is a guaranteed way to bring your clients back to you in the future as these are excursions of the highest quality.  Take a look.


ShoreTrips makes booking Mediterranean shore excursions easy and profitable.


Picture Julie Karp began her career as an interior designer 30 years ago, but switched to travel several years back thinking it would be fun to make her hobby her profession. In 2001, Julie and Barry Karp started ShoreTrips. Together they have worked hard to develop a way for you to have smaller, more personal tours and adventures.

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