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On The Road Again

From time to time I find myself driving either north or south on Interstate 95 from here to there … hither and yon. I am not a big fan of the airlines and less of a fan of the fickle fate of Mother Nature. When I drive I can opt to turn left, right or throw a U-turn at a moment’s notice.

On my latest trip I was alone as my wife was already in New Jersey visiting her parents. This presented me with a golden opportunity to play “radio-control-master.” Country is my favorite with a little CNN dialed in now and then … until I get frustrated with the repetition.

Here was my chance. I downloaded two Audible books I wanted to read (listen to) and as if you hadn’t guessed, neither one as a mystery or a science fiction thriller. Yep! They were both business books. One was by Anthony Iannarino (Sales Systems) and the other by Jill Konrath (Sales Effectiveness).

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Although there were numerous excerpts worth sharing with you I want to highlight a single point I heard in each of the two volumes. You may not like what you are about to hear and I am quite certain the majority of you will not be in agreement. But here goes.

I’ll put a little New Jersey spin on the message so you are sure to hear me.


I remember telling an audience made up of travel professionals this once and a woman was quick to remind me, “Mr. Marchev obviously you know nothing about the travel industry. If we don’t multitask we won’t survive.”

Well, I may not know much about the travel industry but I sure know a lot about why there are so many non-productive, unhappy, under-appreciated travel agents. And one huge reason for this is that they try to do too much … to too many people … in too many ways … for too little money.

I could quote study after study about the inefficiencies of multitasking but in the interest of time (both yours and mine) allow me to just warn you that it is bad business.

Focus. Concentrate. Pick your projects wisely. Do not be afraid to say “no.” Charge for your services. Do great work. Live long. Laugh a lot. Love the one your with, and don’t say I never told you.

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