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Positioning: An Ongoing Responsibility

The concept of  “positioning” has two meanings as far as I am concerned. Positioning as it relates to you, your product service and your target market is meaning number one. The second meaning has to do with positioning yourself physically … within your defined marketplace.

The best place for us to begin our business-building journey is at the beginning. And that implies that we build and solidify a strong foundation from which to build. This is not only logical … but mandatory.


There is so much “noise” in the world of the consumer today that it is no longer a luxury to establish our “position” in the minds of our intended future clients.  Notice I said “our intended clients” and not “everybody.” Save yourself a lot of time and frustration and listen to me right now when I tell you that “you can’t be all things to all people.” I want you to carve out some quiet time to think and reflect on what you want to do to whom, and why they should care about getting to know you better.

Your job will become easier as soon as you determine what you have to offer your targeted market.


The reason you are doing what you are doing (supposedly) is to make the life of your soon-to-be-customers more enjoyable and satisfying. In short, you want them to be very pleased that they had the pleasure of meeting you. You are working for them, to achieve their objectives. Once you find your “why,” you will easily find your “who.”


The “where” refers to your defined marketplace. Football is played on a field. Basketball on a court. Hockey in a rink. Golf on a course. Swimming in a pool. And business in a marketplace. You are not in the game until you take your field, court, rink, course, pool or place.

Of course, you can extend beyond the boundaries, but your focus should be within the lines.


Without sounding flippant, I recommend that you begin now … as soon as you are ready. No, not when you are ready. How about … right now.

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