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River Cruising In Europe For $200 Or Less Per Day

Every week, I get up to 100 emails from people interested in river cruising. Many are well-heeled and can afford river cruises that cost more than $400 per day per person. Not everyone is so fortunate. Just last week, a gentleman wrote me asking to unsubscribe from the River Cruise Advisor newsletter. He was apologetic. “Sadly,” he wrote, “I cannot afford a river cruise at these prices.”

River cruising in Europe is a dream come true for travelers. Imagine passing the beautiful landscapes along the rivers, past fairy-tale villages dotted with castles and church spires, all from the comfort of your floating boutique hotel. Step ashore into enchanting towns and immerse yourself into the milieu of an age-old culture.

For many would-be travelers, however, river cruising remains only a dream. The cost of the experience has been prohibitive for many travelers who would love to see Europe by river ship but simply cannot justify the expense. That’s changing as new operators like Teeming River Cruises introduce river cruises that go for around $200 per person per day.

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Though I haven’t experienced cruises offered by Teeming River Cruises myself (the company is brand new), I believe its founders fill a void for those seeking river cruises with equivalent costs to do-it-yourself land-based trips in Europe. And while I am not endorsing Teeming River Cruises, I feel that its product is worth a look for those who have always dreamed of doing a river cruise but could not justify the cost.


Teeming River Cruises owners Jeff and Gina Paglialonga’s love for travel spans decades as does their romance (high school sweethearts, fellow University of Florida graduates, married 30+ years with four children).

The Paglialongas were bitten by the travel bug early in their marriage, and they passed on the same love of travel, adventure & exploration to all their four kids. They have toured the globe (visiting 6 out of the 7 continents) both as a couple and as a family, and late last year they launched Teeming River Cruises when they recognized an opportunity to serve an under-served demographic, those whose budgets would have otherwise prohibited them from experiencing the joys of river cruising in Europe.

To check rates and dates, visit Teeming River Cruises.

Disclosure: Teeming River Cruises is a new sponsor of River Cruise Advisor. I do not receive commissions from cruises booked with Teeming River Cruises but the company has paid a sponsorship fee to be featured on River Cruise Advisor.

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