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What Does Your Posture Say About You?

The three following real-life examples are intended to drive a very important message (and reminder) home to you. Today’s message may very well fall under the category of “first impressions are very important.”

#1: CNN Should Know Better. I was channel surfing the other day when I came across one of a thousand political talk shows that select a single topic of the day and beat it to death with endless chatter with one host talking over the other in what the producers must feel is the thing to do.

Who I believe was the woman in chair #1 began to slouch in her chair I began to take notice. I stopped hearing (listening) to the useless opinions and focused on this very attractive woman sinking deeper in her chair. Obviously, she was getting herself comfortable forgetting that the cameras were rolling.

Not only did I consider this lazy, thoughtless and unprofessional behavior, her body slouch took my mind away from the prime purpose of he program, which I believe must have been to bore me to tears.

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Message: Sit up straight and don’t slouch. Your momma told you this years a go and I am reminding you today. People are watching and making decisions.

#2: A woman called Frances. I have shared this story before but it is worth a second pass. In my Florida community there was an active neighbor of mine who would literally have me stop what I was doing to just watch her walk by. I eventually tried to figure out why Frances always caught my attention. She was all of 78 years old and yet something was catching my eye.

After trying to solve this behavior “habit” I figured it out. It was the way Frances walked. She held herself tall and walked like she knew where she was going. She had a gentle bounce in her step and that is all that was need to grab people’s attention.

Are you showing your height? If you are 5’6” are you walking like you are 5’6” or are you slightly bent over like you are carrying he weight of the world on your shoulders. Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter because I’m telling you it matters a great deal.

Message: Walk tall and with intention. People will notice and give you the benefit of the doubt.

#3: Mike during previous interviews. In addition to making my living utilizing a little self-deprecating humor now and hen, I also have been known to put my heart on my sleeve. Here is one more example.

I don’t know how long I exhibited this behavior, or how many opportunities it might have cost me, but one day I noticed a peculiar behavior of my own. When making sales calls I noticed that the more comfortable I became in the office chair the more I would lean toward one armrest.

This may not sound like anything worth analyzing but I am quite sure the person behind the desk began asking themselves, “Is this guy about to fall over or is he just a lazy slug?” This behavior in and of itself did not make me a bad person, but it did take the focus away from the conversation, and that is all that is required sometimes to negatively affect the deal.

Message: Sit up straight and look people in the eye.

Like it or not, believe it or not, the way you position your body in various situations speaks volumes about you. The bad news is that you don’t know how people will interpret your “posture.” I am here to tell you … that they will.

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