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10 Nonverbal Tips Designed to Improve Relationships: No. 3

This is Tip #3 in a series of 10 relationship building reminders.

Your tone speaks volumes.

Years ago I was invited to the Arizona Biltmore to attend an industry conference as a guest. I was not there to speak, to conduct a workshop or seminar. I was an observing guest.

At ten minutes to twelve, just prior to the lunch break, the host approached me and asked if I would like ten minutes on the big stage? I was caught by surprise to say the least. Last minute. Unprepared. Unexpected. So of course I said, “Sure.”

I was introduced and then I shared an idea or two in the short time provided before heading off to lunch.

Fast forward two years…

I was attending another conference somewhere between San Diego and Bangor, Maine (All conference rooms look the same after 35 years in the business). This time I was an invited guest. After my regularly scheduled program I was approached by a travel professional who said to me, “I saw you speak in Arizona at the Biltmore a few years back. I don’t remember what you said, but the way you said it lifted my spirits and helped me turn my business around. At lunch you where the topic of conversation!” (Ten minutes!)

That was a very important day in my speaking career. That was the day that I realized that what you say may not be as important as how you say it. In just ten short minutes my tone connected with people who needed a little “juice”.

And so it is with you. The words you choose are certainly important. Your knowledge of the destination can readily position you above your competition. The clothes you wear can be clues as to your personality. But the tone you use will capture the attention of your audience and keep them tuned in, giving you enough time to deliver the goods.

Think about it. How long can you stomach a boring, monotone, whispering, non-enthusiastic low energy diatribe of one-way dialogue? I think I just put myself to sleep writing that last sentence.

But an upbeat and happening voice inflection complete with highs, lows, pauses and complete stops will have both clients and prospects wondering what is going to come out of your mouth next.

If you are looking for a new communication mantra, you can try this one out for a month:



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