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5 Social Ways to Magnify your Visual Variety

Is a photo still worth 1000 words? Is a video really worth 1.8 million words?

Does anyone read or listen anymore?

In our fast moving world communication is even more chaotic. How can we change the conversation with our visuals while saving time?

  1. Impactful Images

How do your images look on your mobile device? Are they sized right for all platforms? Are you able to see the photo details and appreciate the beauty in a small space? Testing your photos for their impact on a mobile device and desktop viewing is crucial.

Here are tools to magnify your success.


Impactful Images as PNG















Key Take Away

The most popular & shareable types of photos include:

  • Beaches
  • Quotivational images; photos with motivational quotes
  • Seasonal images
  • Quirky photos; funny signs, unique viewpoints and vistas
  • Colorful images
  • Your original photos


2. Video Slideshows

Take your images up a notch and gain more visibility by creating video slideshows of your still images. You can use your own images or those you’ve purchased or have the rights to use. It’s easy when you use the Facebook features or one of the free tools below.

video slideshows as PNG














Key Take Away

Keep it visually interesting by including:

  • Music
  • Transitions
  • Text
  • Overlays


3. GIF’s – Animated Visuals

Fast moving visuals catch the attention of your viewers and add value in bite-sized chunks. Animation is created by a combination of drawings, photographs, text, or computer graphics to make them move. You can use your own images or those you’ve purchased or have the rights to use.   Typically the background is fixed and overlays and text move.

Here are some tools to help you get creative.

GIF as PnG















Key Takeaways

Create as much visual variety without overdoing it by including:

  • captions
  • subtitles
  • animated text
  • emojis
  • stickers
  • convert to video format if available


4. Valuable Video

Video consumption is exploding across all social platforms in the form of native and live-streaming video. Did you know: It’s estimated that 85% of Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off. Therefore, it’s crucial to add captions to capture attention and those coveted video plays for longer than the usual 3 seconds.

While creating video on your mobile or webcam is easy, the degree of grit vs polish is up to you. Competing for eyeballs in this cluttered chaotic world is easier with these key take aways.

Key Takeaways

  • keep it short
  • tell a great story
  • add text and/or captions
  • add transitions
  • add your own contact info at the end
  • add a call to action
  • measure your success

5. More Mileage for your Visuals

While you’re spending your valuable time and talent create awesome visuals why not have them work overtime for you. Repurposing your visuals will give them a longer shelf life and provide you with a wider network of audiences.  Amplify your messages to earn more eyeballs.


Key Takeaways

  • add photos & videos to your blog to increase readership and sharing
  • post your videos socially to increase reach and engagement
  • add images to all social posts
  • add video to your website to increase your SEO ranking
  • include video in your e-blasts
  • create video from your still images
  • optimize with key words & tags


Whether video is worth 1.8 million words tomorrow or not, keeping top of mind with your fans is essential today.


The world of social marketing changes as viewers seek out the next new bite-sized chunk of excitement. In an effort to earn more eyeballs and engagement, mix things up!  Offer your fans and viewers great new visual content that will keep them yearning for more and wanting to do business with you.


While the tools above will change, the key take aways and marketing principles will provide you with the creativity to keep ahead of the game.

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