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7 statistics on social media use by travelers that will blow your mind!


AdWeek recently had an article on social media use as it relates to travelers. It piqued my interest and I dug in and came away surprised. Hopefully we are all using social media by now. A Facebook page for your agency is as required as a website and business license. And if you are not…or if you might be slacking, check out some of these stats!

55% of people like the social media pages related to trips they are planning. So, 55% of your customers should be liking your pages. Make sure you ask them to!

52% of Facebook users have said that friends’ photos have inspired their own travel. Make sure your clients are sharing their photos (and your name) when they return. Also, make sure you are posting images to your own personal profile (set to public) and your business page!

The top vacation inspiration sites are Facebook (29%), TripAdvisor (14%), Twitter (6%), and Pinterest (4%). This surprised me. I thought TripAdvisor would have ranked higher but Facebook trounced them—and considering that Facebook is not primarily a review site, there is great opportunity there. Pinterest ranking so low was also a surprise to me.

76% of travelers will post vacations photos on social media. Make sure you tell your clients to do this. Most will, but re-emphasize it! A logical question from their friends is “where did you arrange this?” Right?

40% to 46% of travelers will post a review of some aspect of their vacation on social media. Make sure you bring your “A-Game”, and make sure your respond to ALL reviews.

And while not completely related to vacations, one final statistic cannot be ignored. Let’s just say the word of the day is “mobile.” Make sure all of your online positions are optimized to display and function correctly on all mobile devices. Why?

57% of business travelers use a mobile device to book travel. And the corollary to that is that is that by the end of 2018, it is predicted that 35% of all travel will be booked on a mobile device. 

Just some food for thought!

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