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A Quick Reminder

People don’t like to read.

Now that I think of it, they really don’t like to do much of anything. Therefore, it is in your best interest as the top rate marketer that you are to recognize both of these facts as the way the world is going to unfold. If you run your business with this in mind, you will have tons more fun and a lot more success.

In other words, stop beating yourself up. Go with the flow. Swim down river. Sail with the wind to your back.

Here are my candid suggestions to you:

  1. If less is more, then give your readers less.
  2. If they don’t enjoy reading, provide written information they can interpret at a glance.
  3. If they don’t like doing things, spelled lazy, do things for them.

I have endorsed the postcard marketing strategy more than once. It is less, easy to read, and it works. Is anybody out there sending postcards? My guess is not many, if any at all. This confuses me to no end, although it shouldn’t. After all, you are just … people.

But let me remind you again: your future lies entirely in your own hands. If you want to make something happen, it is up to you to make something happen.

You don’t have to get cute. You don’t have to take a writing course. You don’t have to hire an English professor. You don’t have to do anything except recognize the fact that you are in business to help people. That’s it. Period.

You have the tools, the software, the agents, the contacts, the licenses and the experience to provide professional advice and recommendations to people who are in need of same.

So what are you waiting for? Your phone to ring? Make it ring. How? Ask people to call you. Try it. You will soon see it actually works.

Are you waiting for more mail to start flowing in? If you want to receive more interesting mail, send more interesting mail.  The buck begins and stops with you.


Time is passing on with or without our permission. Do something now. The ball is, was and will continue to be in your court.

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