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Bridge the Gap Between Travel Professionals and Suppliers with CCRA

CCRA is a diverse family of brands designed to facilitate commerce between travel professionals and industry suppliers;  Not quite a host or consortia, and definitely not your typical association, CCRA provides innovative marketing programs, booking tools, education and training, and even accreditation for their elite customers through their travel commerce network. Built by travel professionals from all corners of the industry, CCRA is passionate and undoubtedly committed to the success of both their travel agency and suppliers.

ccra1CCRA has built their company on the expertise, passion, and perspective that comes from their employees who all share a love of travel. They do a fantastic job of putting great products, great suppliers, and the best agents together so they can thrive. CCRA is always looking towards the future, which means being able to meet customer needs and expectations with a level of responsiveness demonstrating how ahead of the market they are. There is nothing more important to CCRA than the trust of their customers, and their happiness.

CCRA, which originally stood for Computerized Corporate Rate Association, has been successful from the start. Originally The Reservation Center, the company pioneered the first 24/7 after hours call center of its kind in 1974. Then, in 1990 they started their Hotel Program, and officially took on the name CCRA, launching the first-ever booking portal for global hotel inventory in 1997; ten years later under new leadership, CCRA started offering enhanced products and services. To bring unity to their many offerings, CCRA unveiled their new website in 2015. For the first time ever CCRA and all of its offered products, services, and benefits could be found under the same roof.

CCRA’s PowerSolutions LIVE regional events are an innovative way the company brings together agents and suppliers from Air, Cruise, Technology, and more. These events were designed to connect travel agents with the products and solutions needed to power up their travel agency businesses. From social media training, to supplier presentations and unique discussions with some of the best in the industry, PowerSolutions LIVE is an opportunity to teach, learn, network, and even travel: each event takes place in a different location than the previous event. CCRA’s PowerSolution LIVE events are one more thing the company does successfully time and time again.

CCRA evolves every day, capturing the best of each and every part of the travel market. From implementing global initiative and adding agency clients in more than 60 countries, to running the #1 ranked travel agent blog by google CCRA takes the travel market by storm on a daily basis.

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