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Give your Facebook marketing a boost!

Wondering how you might encourage more engagement with your Facebook social media postings? With good content and a few marketing dollars, you can do it. As an experiment, TRO spent $20 to boost the posting below on its Travelhoppers page to a Facebook audience of people who:

  • like travel; and
  • who read Conde Nast; and
  • who read Travel + Leisure.

​The results, as you can see, were quite outstanding!



Note we had 245 shares and more than 160 comments! The total number of people reached was over 40,000 and 2,399 “Liked” the post. By any measure, that is a good return on a $20 investment.

We strongly suggest to each of you to do the same! For those of you operating in local markets, boost to a general travel audience as we did, but limit the boost to your geographic market and see what type of results you achieve.

Boosting is important to your marketing as Facebook limits the organic viewership of your postings to a small percentage of your followers. That means even your followers seldom see your posts. Boosting ensures more people see and follow you and that is where your business growth can arise.

Watch for an announcement soon about a webinar on how to successfully boost your posts on Facebook.

You can do this with good content and memes. TRO has some free content in our Where2TravelNext library and a virtually unlimited library at

We would love to hear your own success stories.

Give your travel practice the website and content it deserves.
Give your travel practice the website and content it deserves.

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